About the Artist

Hello. On the internet I go by the name M. J. Star. I am a digital artist who is currently living in Colorado. I'm currently working on many endeavors including my upcoming illustrated Series (The Fate of Venturda) and my Print on Demand shop Natal Chart Gifts.

I am a African American cis-woman and Endometriosis survivor. I was born in the Bay Area California and am now living in the Denver-Boulder Metro in Colorado. Selling art through this website and Natal Chart Gifts is how I financially support myself.


Independent Artist

The art sold is made by independent Artist M. J. Star. All proceeds go to the artist and and printers, not to galleries and other 3rd parties.

Museum Quality Prints

High resolution insures that your art looks get up close or at a distance.

Reliable Shipping

During COVID, gifts takes between 4 to 14 business days to arrive at your door if you live in the United States.